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Check-in (1 floor)

Check-in (1st floor) / Welcome coffee (2nd floor)

Taras Hushcha

Topic will be announced later

Victor Karpenko

Topic will be announced later

Vladimir Kharev

What breaks down in the largest Internet projects in SEO and how to deal with it


Lunch (1st floor)

Roman Morozov

Behavioral factors 7.0 or SEOPickup

Dmitry Shakhov

How competitors can hurt your SEO. And how to prevent it

Nikolai Khivrin

Algorithms of SEO links detection

German Shklyar

Creating and monetizing sites for the USA and the Russian Federation: the differences and cases

Grigoriy Zemskov

Security client sites: Theory and Practice

Coffee break

Coffee break (2nd floor)

Mikhail Solovyev

Search engine optimization for Landing pages: truth or myth?

- Analysis of the approaches in the building Landing Page - The calculation of the ranking factors for Landings Pages - Analytics of Landing Pages builder's and their projects in top-100

Aleksey Terekhov

CPA position value of the keyword in the Yandex TOP


Dinner (1st floor)

Check-in (1 floor)

Check-in (1st floor) / Welcome coffee (2nd floor)

Vladimir Vitkovsky

Monetization of online products. Cases of Lingualeo

Svetlana Demina

Lead warming strategy. Email case studies

Ilya Petrov

The human factor in the CPA. How to get more for advertisers, webmasters, owners of CPA-networks


Lunch (1st floor)

Pavel Ryskov

How quickly and correctly start marketing of a new project (start-up)

Timur Tokurov

Facebook Instant Articles & Google AMP: what is it and why is it need at online publications

Alexander Kruglov

Turnkey Business VKontakte: the most effective tools for any business

Sergey Shivalin

Сross-cutting analytics for increased conversion: a real experience of implementing online and offline metrics bunch

Coffee break

Coffee break (2nd floor)

Radik Kultayev

New features in myTarget

- 350 targeting options that will find your customers among 140 million users - Using CRM data in promotion through social networks - Local advertising as a new tool for offline business - The secrets of using new formats

Oleg Khriyenko

New ways of monetization. Native advertising for a platform: the monitoring of effectiveness, the formation of promotional strategies

Aleksey Molchanov

The main theme: a practical case How we got 20000 clients for 1 year

-How I was in a deep crisis in 2014-2015
-What ideas I started testing and what I got after testing
-How we finally chose niche and what instruments attracting clients we decided to use
-How we found info marketing out and liked it
-As far As attracting clients through info marketing is less costly than other advertising channels
-step-by-step algorithm starting of info marketing in your company


Dinner (1st floor)

Check-in (1 floor)

Check-in (1st floor) / Welcome coffee (2nd floor)

Dmitry Orlov

Adapting the website for mobile devices: the key to success or marketing myth?

Ilya Kuharev

Aviasales mobile marketing: Organic traffic. ASO is the new SEO

– ASO — is the new SEO. Why ASO in Russia is still in early stage, and in USA this is a separate business sector;
– App Localization is a perfect promotion tool. How to get organic installs from the whole world;
– Working with Search Ads in the App Store. Latest major update in iOS 10 — results and predictions.

Vera Zlygosteva

App promotion in Aviasales. Media buying and traffic optimization. When ASO is not enough

– When is ASO not enough? Real cases and solutions.
– Top sources for traffic buying for your Apps. Reviews of tools, that will be useful for media buying and optimization. Great fight against fraud.
– ASO + paid traffic buying = LOVE


Lunch (1st floor)

Sagi Dekel

Without Bullshit Approach to ASO - What Truely Works and What Doesn't

Andrey Shatrov

Mobile RTB Ad - it's the future of mobile marketing

Nikita Fominov

Yandex Mobile Advertising from Promotion to Monetization

Nikita Rvachev

Procurement strategy of mobile Facebook & Instagram advertising with optimization on internal events

Coffee break

Coffee break (2nd floor)

Anton But

Beeline Programmatic: use the unique targeting to increase the effectiveness of mobile advertising

Andrey Stain

The best practice cases of mobile traffic monetization

Andrey Insarov

The use of mobile apps to provide mass services to the population


Dinner (1st floor)

Sergey Yurkov

Website promotion in 2016: finer points and new developments

Peculiarities of promoting different types of queries: сommercial/information, multiintention/unambiguous. Peculiarities of promoting different types of websites and documents: commercial/information, landing pages, e-commerce websites and services websites. Finer points of dealing with links: peculiarities of making a list of anchors, finer points of dealing with “Minusinsk” and “Nepot” algorithms. Finer points of dealing with text factors: text quality criteria, where to get SEO-relevant text parameters, dealing with text postfilers tightening. Things to be considered for establishing cause-and-effect relationship when promoting a project. Metrics and parameters to be estimated for drawing conclusions about the efficiency of SEO operations.

Aleksey Chekushin

Automatic classification of queries


Lunch (1st floor)

Dmitriy Bondar

Topic will be announced later

Ruslan Baybekov

The issue of earnings on the links. What is happening on the market of links selling, and what outputs we have

Maxim Lukashov

Successful work with YouTube on the example of the case: up to 1 million views per 1,5 month

- Interesting about YouTube
- Problems of the creators of video content
- Case of successful channel
- A tool for advanced analytics of YouTube channel
- Myths and experiments: 3+ real SEO experiments with YouTube

Vadim Korepov

Topic will be annouced later

Coffee break

Coffee break (2nd floor)

Dmitry Ivanov

Predictive аnalytics in SEO. Innovative tools in 2016.

Aleksey Guberman

Site structure of medical topics - what to look for, how to create the right content. (the case)


Dinner (1st floor)

Denis Narizhniy

Underutilized test options sites, able to quickly increase sales.

What you should know about testing user interfaces
15 testing methodologies that will enable you to increase conversion rates
What testing, how sites should be
The secrets of conducting lethal tests on a website
Top 5 free and easy methods for independent analysis of the site


Lunch (1st floor)

Felix Zinatullin

How to make comfortable site, knowing the behavior of vkontake users

Dmitry Vasiliev

Hybrid online store in the service of marketer

Ilya Rusakov

Agency for promotion or in-house expert (department) - a new look at an old problem

- analyze the standard and common advantages and disadvantages of the agency and in-house
- analyze the standard and common KPI (performance indicators)
- depart from and arrive at milestones to economic KPI
We analyze financial model and calculate the financial figures
We understand how to make and conclusions, and who choose to promote your business

Coffee break

Coffee break (2nd floor)

Nikolay Kharin

Topic will be announced later


Dinner (1st floor)

Elena Lutsenko

Big Data in advertising: product vs modular technology

- Linguistic Big Data to identify trends - Targeting through the emotion and tonality - Product vs Modular technology

Ruslan Kuvaev

Mobile Programmatic: everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

Olga Vyazovskaya

The mobile app as a channel to attract new customers

- The mobilization of population as a basic factor for new audience sigment appearance , which use only mobile phones.
- Way out to new communicational level with potencional client.
- Attracting traffic to mobile application and secrets of its further optimization.
- Product Integration to client's life - everything that necessary, favourably, comfortable, on-line.
- New age Analitics - external and internal data for relevant offers to user.


Lunch (1st floor)

Clinic of  sites

Clinic of sites

Registration here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSei-8o9B8rDIr7pleZHGHXxdlRGJZ0qZqdLuDs5gqD7D4LxEA/viewform

Coffee break

Coffee break (2nd floor)

Victor Chernogorov

Expectations of the customer from the development of mobile apps and reality


Dinner (1st floor)